You Gotta Move

Like most Americans, I consume far more than I produce.

This is especially true when it comes to reading and writing. My addiction to reading–especially to reading news–is staggering; it made me miss deadlines in college and makes me procrastinate at work.  I’m convinced that reading has pushed my life back years. I’m convinced that, over the last two years, if I devoted the amount of time I’ve spent reading the publications at the left of this page to being productive, I might be making news or writing it myself, instead of knowing, for instance, that links golf is harder than regular golf. (By the way, even if, like me, you know pretty much nothing about golf, that article is wonderful…probably because it’s by John McPhee).

Like all consumption, reading is easy. It is usually relaxing and even fun. Writing, on the other hand, is work. It takes time, thought, effort, and action. While technically, I currently write for a living, I write grant proposals; in the future, I hope to write more interesting things.  In order to do so, I will need to write when I otherwise would choose to read.  I will need to produce when I otherwise would choose to consume.  I will need to work when I might otherwise prefer to relax.

Writing will ultimately be more satisfying than reading, just as productivity is always ultimately more satisfying than consumption.

Thus, The Grind.

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