Convo: Lollapalooza 2011, Saturday

This is the second part of a collaboration with Tea and Celluloid. She wrote up a review of day one, we collaborated on a podcast about day two, and I wrote a review of day three.

For our review of Saturday, we decided to record a conversation, rather than awkwardly divide up paragraphs or write by committee. Have a listen, here:

0:00 – The Black Lips
3:24 – Mayer Hawthorne
9:12 – Local Natives/”Tribal”
13:08 – Deftones
16:15 – Patrick Stump and Fall Out Boy
26:57 – Ween/Dinner
30:34 – Atmosphere
33:25 – Eminem
41:00 – Rap/Hip-hop and bad boys turned good/accepted

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One thought on “Convo: Lollapalooza 2011, Saturday

  1. I listened to your Saturday podcast in the car on the way to Fort Wayne yesterday. I enjoyed hearing you talk about the different ways you discover and “get into” bands as well as your descriptions of the space of the event itself.

    As for your question of whether there is something as controversial now as Eminem was when we were in high school, I don’t know of a musician like that, but you may look at Jersey Shore as something that parents are trying to shield their kids from.

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