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University’s divestment decision has major holes

Of course, President Zimmer, the Board of Trustees, and Andrew Flowers contend that to divest would be to take a political stance, which is not the purpose or specialty of the University. This may be true, but it assumes that not divesting is not a political stance, which is simply untrue. If the University does not divest from these companies, it is continuing to invest in them, thereby funding the genocidal government. Is there a difference between monetary support and vocal political support?

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Bonnaroo Lights Up Tennessee For Aging Hippies and Young ‘Uns Alike

Bonnaroo, the annual music festival held in Manchester, Tennessee, gets a bad rap. Many people have never heard of it, and those who have seem to imagine it as some sort of boiling, drug-infested bacchanalia—an annual congregation of young and aging hippies, equally pathetic in their attempts to replicate the long-dead, uninhibited ethos of Woodstock and the ’’60s. Like many stereotypes, though, this one proves both fact-based and grossly misunderstood.

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